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Thursday, September 02, 2004

50 Cent is a wanker

This was my favorite headline to type this week. According to NME, the rapper was booed off stage and had water bottles thrown at him, while the crowd chanted (everybody together!!) "50 cent is a wanker".
I love it.
Currently listening to The Beatles "Let it Be... Naked" on the 'Pod. I wonder if those ellipses in the title are completely necessary.


Feaverish said...

They are necessary, but there should be spaces between them, like ( . . . ) not (...). I've been yelled at by professors.

Sloop said...

But why are they in the title of the album? Why not just call it "Let it be Naked" or "Let it be (Naked)" or "Let it be - Naked". The ellipses seem like the wrong thing there. Maybe it's just me. I've never liked ellipses.

Feaverish said...

I think it's supposed to build suspense, like, "Let it Be! I love that album. But wait! There's more! These little dots mean big surprises. I wonder what it'll be!?! Naked!?! I love Naked. Two of my favorite things are together. Let it Be, and nudity."

I think.