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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

All you need is love and a flashlight.

According to, Michael W. Smith told a concert crowd last month about a recent conversation he had with Bono. As Smith tells the story, Bono asked if he (Smith) knew how to dismantle an atomic bomb. Smith said "no," and Bono answered his own question: "Love. With love."

Q: How to dismantle an atomic bomb?
A: With love.

I say: Get a job, sir.

I guess in the eternal, global sense, I agree, but on a practical level it's just, um, not practical. I know that all you need is love, and love your neighbor, etc., but that's like: how do i pay rent when I don't have the money? "With love." How do I get a bachelor's degree in art history? "With love." How do I make you shut the hell up? "With love." It's too simplistic. There's a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous. Nothing is as simple as "with love". It's like that scene in Donnie Darko, when the teacher makes the class choose the correct response to the hypothetical situation. There's not just one easy answer. So, how to dismantle an atomic bomb? With love, a manual, a flashlight, and preferably, some practice.


jonny ragel said...

having a good batch of A-team episodes nearby is also helpful. when completed, the task of dismanteling an atomic bomb A-team style also sees the culprets behind creating the bomb covered in oil and feathers and primed for a nice ass-kicking complements of BA Baracus. but I guess we shouldn't expect an Irish pop star to unterstand hanibal's brilliant plans for global peace.

Erik said...

never ever cut the red wire. if you have a choice between green and blue, it's most likely the blue. but i cannot take responsibility for this information if it causes los angeles to turn into nuclear sludge.

jonny ragel said...

red wires are bad. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. red wires are really bad.

Erik said...

i should have seen that one coming.