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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Rex Kwan Do

All right, the dvds of Star Wars look great. There's more color and detail than I've ever noticed. No deleted scenes though. If you want to see how it was really supposed to be, then go to these websites:
You'll find photos, dialogue from the original script, and even some video footage of cut scenes, too.

And by the way, you just have to copy and paste these links into your address bar. I'm just too un-savvy when it comes to internet dealings to make actual "links" that you can just click on. Sorry, but not really.

So, apparently, Elvis Costello did some composing for the movie E.T. But he used a pseudonym. "What's a pseudonym?" you might be asking yourself, to which I answer "Get a dictionary and stop asking me all your stupid questions". "Ok, but what pseudonym did he use?". I'll tell you what, it was Napoleon Dynamite.

Currently listening to: My Old Man - the Walkmen, from the album Bows & Arrows. Really terrific rock band from the east coast. Someone described lead singer Hamilton Leithauser's voice as Bono in a cement mixer, which isn't entirely accurate, but the U2 comparison is fair enough. More like 1982 U2, but with spooky keyboards, and a little more screaming. Marisa and I saw them at Berbati's about a month or so ago, and they were totally deck. Ha. Deck. Look it up:

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