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Friday, September 24, 2004

School's Out Forever!

No, wait that title should be "Work's out, however school is very much in, forever." It feels like the last day of school today, because it is my last day of full-time work, at least for a while. I start back at PSU on Monday. My plan for the weekend: drink after work with my work buddies; drink at Jonny's art gallery/party tonight; band practice and church practice Saturday; play me some Star Wars Battlefronts finally on Saturday; then on Sunday get ready for school. And by getting ready for school, I really mean: buy some horn rim glasses, grow some facial hair, like a pencil thin mustache, or a soul-patch. I've already got a bike messenger bag, so I think that's the full checklist. Then I need to learn all the good college rock bands. Is Hootie still popular? Oh, wait, I might need some books too, or something. I think that kind of stuff will work itself out.
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BonikaStJames said...

Don't you mean a razor scooter messengar bag?