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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why I'm trying to avoid federal prison...

Well, I started school on Monday. Tri-met was fine on Monday, about a 40 minute ride. Thank the maker for the iPod. And thanks so much to Interpol and The French Kicks. Their latest albums (Antics, and The Trial of the Century, respectively) are totally boss. So, yesterday and today, I rode my brother's super duper 18 speed bike, which was very nice of him, however, his helmet is a tad too small for me, but I wear it anyway. Also, getting my drawing board for my drawing class was a major pain in the butt, literally. And by literally, I mean figuratively. Luckily, they issue lockers to art students like me. Wow, I'm an art student. I actually do have to get a pass to the Portland Art Museum (PAM). The ride to school is downhill almost all the way there, therefore uphill most of the way back. Thank you very much, Mt. Tabor. But, the long ride to school on this bike has worn me out a bit. My muscles are sore, and my butt feels like I don't know what... I mean, I thought my butt was sore yesterday, but after doing the ride again, today's butt is much more sore. Yeah, I'm definitely taking Tri-Met tomorrow. To sum up, my butt is very sore from riding on a seat which seems to be about an inch wide and made from solid brick.

So I'm taking, Basic Drawing, Art History 206, and Espanol. It looks like I'll have plenty of homework this term. The Spanish class is an immersion class, so the teacher speaks in Spanish for 90% of the class time, which is rather annoying. I'm in the USA. I speak English. Most other countries have people that speak English. The countries in Europe that I hope to visit aren't Spanish speaking. Why am I taking this class then, then? Well, I took it for 2 years in high school, so I remember some bits and pieces; also, every other language class was full. Literally. Well, except for Russian, but come on, Russian? You know what I'm saying.

Currently listening to: Wonderful - Brian Wilson, from SMiLE (2004). Yup, this is from the new album, begun in 1966, and finally finished and released yesterday. It sounds fantastic. I've gotten 3 songs from it thus far. Totally great. Much better than the currently available bootlegs, and the regrettable "Smiley Smile". This is really great music, that was the intended follow-up/one-up to Pet Sounds. It doesn't sounded dated, or have bad 80s over-production (like his previous solo work) Everybody go buy it now, or borrow it from friends.

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