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Friday, October 29, 2004

Art Study Version 2.0

Well well. It seems another friggin week has passed. WTF, mate? How is it that I'm already halfway through the term? I've got a midterm today and next week. I'm like, "Hey, wha' happen'd?" So last night and this morning, I've been cramming my brain full of historical art facts from my 1200 page Art History book. Did you know that Van Gogh was important not only for his use of color, but also because of his distinctive brushstroke? Now we both know. You know, it's been said, "I don't know much about art.", but I say, "Everything I needed to know about art history, I don't think I've learned yet". Between school, lots of work back at the office and the World Series, and the speakeasy tonight, I haven't had too much ME time. It's time I get back in touch with an old friend - myself. Ha! Just kidding. I don't want to get to know me at all. Oh and forget what I said about the speakeasy. The first rule of the speakeasy is "there is no speakeasy."

Anyway, thanks for all the band name suggestions, they've all been submitted to the committee, so expect about 9 months of debates, before the band decides to keep the name as it is already.

Currently listening to: "I Believe in You" by Kylie & the Scissor Sisters. This is a really really terrific disco/dance song. I can't get enough of it. I've listened to it on repeat for several times in a row now. I got it over at newfluxblog, I believe. This song always gets booties out to the dance floor, believe me. If you've not heard the Scissor Sisters, well, first get out of that cave you've been living in, then find a friend who has the album that you can copy it from, you'll like it. They do a really terrific cover of Comfortably Numb, in like a disco style. It's very nice.

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