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Friday, October 22, 2004

Groove is in the heart

So, I "sat in" (played drums) for one set with Jamin (upright bass), Luke (electric guitar) and McLane (sax and floot) (aka The Trio of 3) at Costello's (over on about 23rd and NE Broadway) last night. It was pretty fun. 99% original instrumental light swing/loungey/bossanova/cocktail music. Everybody loved it, and so it looks like I'll probably be playing with them more. The one cover we did was Watermelon Man, which goes like "ba ba ba, pa da da do do dada, ba ba ba da da da do do da" etc. The thing is, everybody hates the band name "The Trio of 3". Especially me. So, if anybody has ideas for the new band(which will be 4 of us)'s name, please suggest here, by posting a comment.
Also, when I first parked and was unloading my drums, I'm pretty sure there was a drive-by shooting about a block away. Gunshots + speeding cars = drive-by, right?


Feaverish said...

Try this site, or
here. Or my personal favorite, GORBY, the Generator Of Random Bandnames. (The Y is for Y Because We Like You.)

Caramel Monk said...

Well, what about Trio of 4? or something like that... I don't know..

Anonymous said...

Sloop, I think the person that came up with the name doesn't hate it. But it doesn't make sense now that there is 4 of you. How about Quadraplex. Or 4 squares. anyway... It sounded good.

Erik said...

how about:

"the drive-bys"
"the jaminjams"
"the quadratic equation"
"the trio of four"


BonikaStJames said...

Dating musicians is expensive
The Essentials
The Four Food Groups
The Four Mood Groups (my fave)

Anonymous said...

Four is for Four
Four on the Floor
The Trio of Four