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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Yeah, I see fish...

Hola, coma testas? Had my Spanish class today, and for the first time I understood at least half of what the teacher was saying. Probably thanks to the 2 weeks worth of homework that I caught up on, on Sunday. The Stanfills came with Marisa and I up the gorge, to the fish hatchery on Sunday, which was totally rad. In the "spawning room" (aka killing floor/death room) they have a Coke machine, and a candy dispenser, and I thought it would be a really great idea for them to have a fish dispenser. Or at least a canned tuna dispenser. Maybe even canned salmon. Anyway, Marisa and I go up there every October, it was one of our first "dates", even though Feaver was with us on our first time there. It's a good cheep date. And there's a gift store where you can get chocolate-covered fish, and fish-covered chocolates.

Currently listening to: City of Blinding Lights (live) - U2 - from a bootleg recording at a BBC TV show last week. It's a really great song, reminiscent of Where the Streets have no Name and The Unforgettable Fire. Go to the forum at to find a place to download this song.


Anonymous said...

Sloop, The song was funny. It reminded me of my childhood... wet damp and always at work.

Erik said...

the spawning room was great, nothing was being "humanely hit on the head" to be killed, but i certainly was getting an appetite for some sushi. there should have been a japanese chef in the next room rollin' em up. the hatchery could make a fortune if they at least try my idea.

i'm kidding, of course.

no, not really.

i'll let you decide.