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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanks-taking (o, el dia de gracias)

Alright, my peeps. I hear what your saying, and I get the impression that you want another blog posting. So here it is. I've been waiting because I've been so freaking busy with the holiday rush at work (which, ironically isn't a "rush" but is rather boring and tedious) and getting ready for the end of the term at school. And I've been pretty busy saving the 'verse via Halo 2. So, things that have interested me lately include: Mark Rothko - simple shapes with emotive colors; Yoshi - the best, yet most expensive, and currently stinkiest (we can't wash him, due to stitches, for 1 more week) dog, ever; the new U2 collector's edition cd/dvd/book - a very nice combo for a really great album; family - had coffee and scones with my parents, brother and Marisa this morning - fun time.
Since today is Thanksgiving Day, I've been asked to bring music to my in-laws for us all to listen to while we eat. I always get asked this for their family get-togethers, and at least half the time, someone in the family HATES what I put in. I mean, HATES, with a capital H! So, today I'm bringing the new Joseph Arthur album, "Our Shadows will Remain" (a really great album), and probably the Simon & Garfunkel "Old Friends" box set. I don't have too many CDs anymore, since I converted everything into iTunes, and sold my CD collection. And maybe just for fun I'll bring the latest Bjork album. That's GUARANTEED to piss off most of the family. I can hear them now... "What the hell is this crap? It sounds like she's not even singing in English!!"
Ha ha! I can't wait. Oh, god bless my inlaws.
After dinner, we'll have coffee and dessert, then some cocktails, then we'll all settle in to watch "White Christmas", a very fine movie which I had never seen until I started dating Marisa and we had our first Thanksgiving together. Her family is bound by tradition to watch "White Christmas" every Thanksgiving Day. Or at least start the movie, then about an hour into it, one sister will be Instant Messaging someone, and the other will be knitting and reading a magazine, grampa (or Abe Simpson, as we call him - he's a dead ringer!) will be asleep, and my mother inlaw will be about halfway through washing the dishes. It's a really great time, honestly.
Well, I'm getting hungry now. So be sure to check out for the latest trends in internet website fashions.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Can I borrow a feeling?

Well, holy crap. Time goes on by. Time is like a string of pearls, you see the future just hanging there. I'm sure all of you have the new U2 album, which is totally great, after 20 listens. But do you have the new/unreleased track "Mercy"? It's really really great and clocks in at a whopping 6.5 minutes. It's good though. Go to the forums at to find it.
El dia de gracias is fast approaching. What are you thankful for?
Who me?
I don't know. Music? Jonny taking a drum part I recorded and using it on a song he wrote and posting it online at

What am I not thankful for? Working on a Saturday; it's, like, the worst idea ever. EVER!! Who really wants to hear Christmas music while on hold anyway?

What do I want for Christmas? Well, I know it doesn't sound too cynical or jaded, and not to sound like a hippy, but all I want is love and peace on earth. Seriously.
Material things are fine, but transient. Everything that you can grab or buy or see can break, tarnish, rot or burn, and will eventually turn into dust. So forget about getting things. Who needs things? We all do. But most things that we have, we have because we want them, not because we need them.
So think about that, you damn dirty apes.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You have been sentenced to 4 more years

Well, I can only assume that God is mad at our country by putting us through another 4 years of the retardation of the nation. That's what we get for being bad I guess. Too much Ashlee Simpson and Linkin Park on the airwaves. Now, my dear countrymen, stop being so stupid.
Take this friggin idiot in my Spanish class. She arrives at class most days, at 9:30am, munching on handfuls of sugar cereal like Lucky Charms or Trix, whilst drinking a liter of Coke or Cherry Coke. The teacher had this guy tell us how to convert their PC computers in order to type the correct spanish ácceñts. Apparently, there's a whole lot involved in doing this when you have one of "those" computers. Poor non-Mac users. Anyway, after this was explained, this dummy girl says, "You mean, in Spain, every time they turn on their computers, they have to do all this?". Everybody was kind of stunned for a second, then tried to explain to her that most non-idiots already know that, indeed, since Spain is on a different continent and they speak a different language, they might have different keyboards. Now, I'm not one to throw around phrases like "dumb blonde", but dang if this girl's elevator doesn't even come close to the top floor. I'm guessing she voted for Bush.

Currently listening to: Sails Wave Goodbye - Peter Murphy - from the album Cascade. Pretty good song, I'm looking forward to his next "pop" album.