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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Can I borrow a feeling?

Well, holy crap. Time goes on by. Time is like a string of pearls, you see the future just hanging there. I'm sure all of you have the new U2 album, which is totally great, after 20 listens. But do you have the new/unreleased track "Mercy"? It's really really great and clocks in at a whopping 6.5 minutes. It's good though. Go to the forums at to find it.
El dia de gracias is fast approaching. What are you thankful for?
Who me?
I don't know. Music? Jonny taking a drum part I recorded and using it on a song he wrote and posting it online at

What am I not thankful for? Working on a Saturday; it's, like, the worst idea ever. EVER!! Who really wants to hear Christmas music while on hold anyway?

What do I want for Christmas? Well, I know it doesn't sound too cynical or jaded, and not to sound like a hippy, but all I want is love and peace on earth. Seriously.
Material things are fine, but transient. Everything that you can grab or buy or see can break, tarnish, rot or burn, and will eventually turn into dust. So forget about getting things. Who needs things? We all do. But most things that we have, we have because we want them, not because we need them.
So think about that, you damn dirty apes.


Anonymous said...

So, it's o.k. that I didn't get you anything? ; )
Seriously, I agree. Too much stuff.

I'm thankful for health, my house, my hubby and my awesome friends.


Anonymous said...

Sloop I have to agree with you. It does seem like people only give gifts that seem to fade away any way...Peace.

jonny ragel said...

speaking of damn dirty apes, I've been thinking about having a little 'planet of the apes' festival- I don't even think I've seen one of the first couple movies all the way through. I was thinking about maybe even looking for a host with better visual and audio 'facilities' (wink wink, p, bonika and willis).

try that idea on for size and tell how it fits......

Sloop said...

My video viewing station is operational. I'd be happy to see the first couple movies again. You know that each sequel had a lower budget than its predecessor, so by the 10th movie, it was basically made with some poor soul's lunch money.

Erik said...

sounds like a good idea for the guys' movie night. i'm abandoning the "band of brothers" thing that was happening. Thursday night, i'll get the dvd if you guys show up. whaddya say?

jonny ragel said...

update: saw original planet of the apes with willis last night. cool movie. glad we did that. my new opinion on charlton heston: if ever there is going to be a man who's going to be shirtless, intelligent, kickin ass and kissin broads, it may as well be charlton. maybe you agree and maybe you don't, but this much is undisputable- mel gibson never played moses. oh yeah- novah is hot---big eyebrows are sooooo wild.