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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You have been sentenced to 4 more years

Well, I can only assume that God is mad at our country by putting us through another 4 years of the retardation of the nation. That's what we get for being bad I guess. Too much Ashlee Simpson and Linkin Park on the airwaves. Now, my dear countrymen, stop being so stupid.
Take this friggin idiot in my Spanish class. She arrives at class most days, at 9:30am, munching on handfuls of sugar cereal like Lucky Charms or Trix, whilst drinking a liter of Coke or Cherry Coke. The teacher had this guy tell us how to convert their PC computers in order to type the correct spanish ácceñts. Apparently, there's a whole lot involved in doing this when you have one of "those" computers. Poor non-Mac users. Anyway, after this was explained, this dummy girl says, "You mean, in Spain, every time they turn on their computers, they have to do all this?". Everybody was kind of stunned for a second, then tried to explain to her that most non-idiots already know that, indeed, since Spain is on a different continent and they speak a different language, they might have different keyboards. Now, I'm not one to throw around phrases like "dumb blonde", but dang if this girl's elevator doesn't even come close to the top floor. I'm guessing she voted for Bush.

Currently listening to: Sails Wave Goodbye - Peter Murphy - from the album Cascade. Pretty good song, I'm looking forward to his next "pop" album.


Erik said...

i think this same girl is in one of my classes too. shows up about an hour into class with a different excuse each time (currently: because her ex-boyfriend's car broke down and her current boyfriend had to pick up her and her 2 year old daughter.) is she kinda skinny and four months pregnant?

my dear readers: let us praise the technology of windows-based computers with their alt-key and a four number code! why have a two-button key combo, when you can have a FIVE-button key combo! you never wanted that tilde over that "n" anyway, i'll bet.

oh, and you can get a two-button mac mouse for right-clicking, so don't even try to go there with me, smartypants.

BonikaStJames said...

How long did it take to be able to get the 2 button mouse exactly?

Erik said...

the mac two-button mouse came about a while back because of whiny-ass Windows bitches whose style was cramped by control-clicking. i don't get it, 'cause generally your other hand is on the keyboard already, isn't it?

alas, i weep for windows users. :)

Kimster said...

Why is it that only "stupid" people voted for Bush??? Since when does I.Q have anything to do with every American's right to choose who they feel would be best at "running the country"? And while I'm asking, could you provide any solid facts about either choice or what they stood for? No, politics is all perception, personal perception. To but place half of the country’s population into a box of "stupidity" because they looked at the same issues, and comments made by each side and made their own personal choice, is in my opinion very judgmental. I would agree that their are many very self centered and shallow people in this land of ours. But why measure stupidity with the dipstick of who one voted for. How about saying all the millions that didn't vote at all are stupid. For they wasted the very thing that is most valuable in this country we live, our right to choose. I think the very thought that someone is "stupid" for making a personal choice, for what ever reasons is arrogant and unkind.