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Thursday, December 16, 2004

LIVE!!!! NUDE!!!! JAZZ!!!! 2 posts in 1!

> >
> > Hey, are you coming to see the Quarter Pounders tonight? It's all
> > ages! They serve Guiness! And espresso! Christmas Jazz like you've
> > never heard it?! It'll be good. Costellos @ 8, ok? See you.

Actually the name of the artists formerly known as the trio of 3 is still in debate. Contenders are: the Long Shots, the Four Pounds, The Four Pounders, The Really Big Dictionaries, Only a Garnish, and The O'Neaters (aka the Oneders). And I think we can all agree that "Zartan" is a totally kick-ass name, but is better for a prog-rock band. I can't believe Christmas is next week. I mean I literally can't believe it.

Does anyone else feel, that, like me, they were pretty mature in high school? I went to plays, I read Shakespeare. I bought "The Complete Shakespeare", I bought all sorts of quality hardback works of literature, in the years shortly after high school. I spent a long time with no tv, barely a computer, and definitely no video games. So now, here I am, 27. I'm married, I own a home and 2 dogs. And yet I feel like a kid, in many ways - I eat more ice cream than ever, play more video games than ever, I read magazines, comic essays, and stupid web-sites far more than I read classic of western literature.

Wha' happened? I dunno. I really don't. I could go on, but you get the general idea.

Dang it, there I go again. That was a quote from a Morrissey song. Rather than come up with actual thoughts and ideas of my own, I find it far easier to quote movies and song lyrics, or just be totally sarcastic.

Sincerity is hard work, or so I've been told.


Anonymous said...

Yes! First comment. Take THAT as–yet–unknown second commenter.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!?! How dare you!

Anonymous said...

Oh I dare. I dare.

Anonymous said...

Bitch! You'll pay.

Feaverish said...

Uh, methinks this blogger be commenting–up his own site.

Anonymous said...

What!?! How dare you!?! Bitch.

Anonymous said...

Sloop, Last night was great I wish I could have stayed longer. As for names I like The for pounders or the artist formely know as the trio of three.