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Saturday, January 15, 2005

3 Things

FACT: The Fiery Furnaces are untalented.
OPINION: I dislike them.

FACT: I will never talk about them again on this blog starting... NOW!

After the church in Beaverton gig with J Thom, M and I went to a good 70's prom party last night, featuring much dancing and a good time with friends.

How about this ice storm, eh? Cold as a witches tit, it is. Luckily though, my house, in the 4 hours the heat has been on, has made it from 58 all the way up to 61 degrees. Seriously. It's a draughty old bugger. I'm writing this with a scarf and stocking cap on. And we obviously can't drive anywheres, so we're stuck. I'm going to play Halo 2 now, I guess.

Currently listening to: The Arcade Fire: Wake Up. This is still really good. Check them out.

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