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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Billy is A-O-Gay

So when M & I lived in Seattle, and I worked at the coffee shop, there
was one cafe that I subbed at regularly. The thing is, the cafe was
solely staffed by females, save for this one guy who happened to be a
gay man. FYI, he would listen to the techno music station up
there. That's right, a radio station that broadcast TECHNO music 24/7.
**shudder**. Like, for those mornings when a doppio con panna just
isn't quite enough to wake you up, you just turn on the all-techno
station and you need to hear someone saying: "Oh I don't know why
you're not fair / I give you my love but you don't care / So what is right and what is wrong / Gimme a sign /Uh oh oh" etc.
Anyway, one night I was working there, just filling in, the techno
music was playing, and this chick, who was a regular, came in to order
her half-caf skinny ristretto 3-pump half-1% half-soy hazelnut mocha,
or whatever, she looked at the two of us strapping, tall, blondish
dudes behind the counter, and she says "Wow, there's so much
testosterone in the room, it's just way too macho in here for me!"
And me and my co-worker guy were like "Ha! What an ignoramus! She
doesn't know that Billy's gay!" We laughed and laughed, and then Billy
sort of tried to hold my hand, but platonically, I think, so it was

Another funny thing about Billy is that he would say "Yet" like it was
a normal word to put into random places in a sentence. Like instead of saying, "Did you rinse out that can of rusty nails?", he would say, "That can of rusty nails is going to be rinsed, yet, right?". Or instead of like, "I'm going to watch 'Herbie Goes Bananas' in the future", he'd say "I'm going to watch 'Herbie Goes Bananas' yet."
I don't get that. Billy wasn't from Seattle, or anywhere in the lovely Pacific Northwest, but I don't recall where he's from, yet. Is that a Canadian thing? Is it an east coast thing? Yet?

Oh, and in case you've been living under a giant can of rusty nails, it was really cold back east last weekend.
Q: How cold was it?
A: It was so cold, Jonny Carson died.
**tumbleweeds roll breezily by** **crickets chirp** **someone coughs**

Currently listening to: the steady hum of a) several computers, and b) those freakin' office lights that always hum, and make people look like zombies. My job is a lame, but easy job, and I do it strictly for the money. I am a white collar whore. I have to go back to my home in Whoreville now.


Jay said...

Nope. That one's knew to me.

Anonymous said...

From one whore to another it could be worse. Your last name could be green.

jonny ragel said...

I will yet hear one decent cher remix on this station

Caramel Monk said...

Yet, I remember working in whoreville listening to the steady hum of broken computers, the annoying buzz of broken lights, laboring away the life of a broken dream.

Bowcatz said...

Whoreville? Isn't that on the the other side of the mountain from Whoville?

That hum in those flourescent lights can cause some people to have seizures. It's a frequency thing, I suppose.

BonikaStJames said...

Whoreville is literally in my front yard, but not the executive type. You don't get hold music out there, just the sound of car's driving by, car's occasionally turning around and the menu options start with "No Titties...."