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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bling and a Benzo!

More live jazz tomorrow night! That's Thursday, January 20th, yo, at Costello's on NE 23rd and Broadway. Afterwords, I'm going to see The French Kicks at the Doug Fir. I've heard that place kicks ass, so I'll go let you know if it actually does, or if it's just "The Hype".
Did I mention I'm taking a Pop Culture class at PSU? Well, I am. It's funny; there's very serious discussions about "the mass" and "what is reality" and "The Matrix" and funniest of all "hip-hop 'culture'"! Can you believe it?
"So class, if I have like, bling and a benzo, what could you infer about my social status? If I had to holla at a ho, but then finds she be hella fugly, I finna bounce, right? True or false? Class, you're at the university now, you're supposed to do the homework! Did anyone even listen to The Doggfather? The Chronic? All right, let's move on to the importance of Pac-Man in Marxist simulations and simulacra."
I have to read like 3 essays on Lara Croft! The Tomb Raider! It's rumoured that Ms. Angelina "the Whore" Jolie is going to come in and give a lecture on how to break up marriages.
That it, I'm finna murk, PEACE.

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jonny ragel said...

3 essays about the tomb raider? one for each of her fake boobs, yes. but what's the other essay about? what else is there to say about tomb raider? it's not that boring writing on post feminism in a dallas cowboy cheerleading NASCAR warrior vacuum is it? *yawn*. where's my desert storm barbie?