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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

100 things about M (a list in multiple postings)

1. She is now, technically, in her “late 20’s”.
2. She has known me for about 6 1/2 years.
3. She doesn’t grow her hair out in it’s natural color.
4. She plays “Monkey Gone to Heaven” like a champ on the bass guitar.
5. She kept all the mix tapes I made for her.
6. In her sleep, she once said, “Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?” My answer, of course, was “Yes.”
7. She has a few favorite words, none of which will be posted here.
8. She is my favorite vegan.
9. Even though she is a vegan, she likes cheese with her mac.
10. She works hard, and she goes to school.
11. If she’s not really busy, she goes a little nuts.
12. She quotes the hell out of “Napoleon Dynamite”
13. She called me a geek for having a blog, until she got one of her own. Now she’s the one, boy, I tell you; is she ever.
14. She observes and notices peoples interactions in a way I could never.
15. She encourages me to pursue my interests.
16. She knows that life is not all about money.
17. She sings along with songs all the time.
18. When she doesn’t know the words, she makes them up.
19. Oftentimes, her words are better than the original words.
20. Even after I “corrected” her, she got out the lyric sheet and showed me she had the right words.
21. She taught Lola to say “ROCK AND ROLL!”
22. She likes National Geographic.
23. She made up the best dance for “The Thong Song”, and will gladly do it, with little or no prompting.
24. When drinking, she’s prone to saying, “I can write a hit play, why can’t I have a little drink-drink to unwind myself?”
25. She adds the word “little” to describe: my little video games, my little band, my little iPod, my little computer.
26. She’s totally hot. And I’m saying that objectively.
27. Actually, she already did some modeling, thank you.
28. She says, “What the crap?”
29. She’ll frequently mouth words, without actually saying them, randomly, throughout her sentences.
30. Her favorite drinks are: Fat Tire, Bombay Gin & Tonic, Mojito.
31. She goes to U2 concerts with me, even if she’s so-so about the band.


jonny ragel said...

32. puts up with yer crap (heh).
33. has real good raspy laugh as well as quick hitting 'hah'.
34. rarely says negative things about anyone.
35. taught beth the thong dance.

Jay said...


Erik said...

for a vegan, she sure knows a thing or two about chicken seasoning. b digs that chicken seasoning. we put it on everything: pasta, the cat, bad tv programs, doorknobs, science. whatever.

Anonymous said...

101. she can kick your ass