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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Advise This!

So, in my Basic Design class today, this goofy “advisor” with a beard came in and told us all that in order to graduate we need, like, 180 credits. We were promised he would perform magic tricks, put heads in lion’s mouths, the works, but instead we got all this jabbering:

He: … and those remaining 6 Capstone credits can be from any subject you want. Heh heh. Some people even do something unrelated to their major… And that’s OK!! It really is. My goodness…

Me: What if we don’t know what our major is yet?

He: I… uh.. um… What do you mean?

Me: What if we’re currently undecided?

He: Well, I don’t understand how that… Registration is next week, for the spring term, so you need to know what you want to take.

Me: But I might not be a Graphic Design major. I might choose Music, or Communications, or English.

He: Then why are you in this class?

Me: Uh uh uh. Mmm mm mm? I nun know?

He: What? Are there marbles in your mouth, boy?

Me: (gloomily) Yes, sir…

He: Come up here and spit them into my hand. What’s your name?

Me: (walking to the front) Robert Ricigliano.

He: Well Mr. Rasooliarno, I’d suggest you find some direction in your life and head there, beginning immediately. Do you understand me?

Me: (spitting marbles into his hand) I understand you’re an ass.

He: What did you say?! Robert?! What did you just say?

Me: I said I underestimated this class. It really succeeds beyond my wildest imaginations. But you smell like an elephant’s butt.

This went on for a few hours, just back and forth, with no real answers. So my question, gentle reader, is this: what course of study should I pursue as a major? I love to play music, and have already taken about a years worth of prerequisites, but you have to audition to get into the program, and I don’t deal well with rejection. Graphic design seems kind of easier, but I appear to have little or no natural talent, and only began my drawing-type art studying last term. I’ve also taken quite a few English/Lit. type classes, but this seems like a fairly impractical degree, or so says my friend over at Feaverish. Another one I’m considering is Communication with a concentration in Media Studies, which is basically what I did in high school, but I have not taken any Communications-type classes since then, so I’d have to play catch-up in my pre-requisites.


Gretaseacat said...

i think you should become a filmmaker like me!

elmo said...

this is never an easy proposition. i'm in the last year of communications here in Sydney, and i just left two years of hell in journalism. i am now a writing and cultural studies major! hurrah! for me, it was a balance of acquiring practical skills (in journalism) and balancing it that with entirely useless, though fascinating cultural studies subjects (film theory, etc.) it depends on if you're there to learn, or there to get qualified. i would strongly advise against taking music - if you want it to stay a passion, then leave it to outside of work and study. work's for me! i dropped out of art school cause it made me hate painting. i get so much more done now, in my own time. if i had to study music, i'd never touch my drumkit either. maybe i am just a contrarian.

hope that helps! ola!

Caramel Monk said...

Dude! He had your spit-covered marbles in his hand? Yuck!

Jay said...

I would say "follow your bliss", but that's pretty fruity. I do think you have to follow your passion. You don't seem like the kind of guy who is most impressed with money, because if that were so, then go with the major that is safe, that guarantees a good job and a decent pay cheque. But if you think happiness is important, if you don't want to spend your life going to a job you hate, then pick the major that you know will make you most happy - and don't take the possibility of rejection into consideration. You can't let your life be guided by your ego.