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Friday, February 04, 2005

All writing is not good writing, but Craig Thompson's is.

So, forgive me, please, my pleasant haiku soldier, you may want to plug your ears and eyes, but would somebody please tell the people who put poetry on their websites that no one cares? Seriously. I don’t want to read your lazy rhymes. If it’s part of a “poetry” web-ring or something, that’s fine, or if it’s lyrics to a song, that’s great. But if it’s a poetry blog, masquerading as something that it’s not, then I say, “Keep your bloody ridiculous sentiments to yourself”. Maybe it’s not poetry that bugs me, just poor grammar and poor sentence/paragraph structure. (On a sidenote, Word wanted me to structure the previous sentence as ‘Maybe it’s not poetry that bugs just poor grammar, poor sentence/paragraph structure and me.' WTF Word? I’m trying to write an update here. Seriously.) Anyway, poetry/writing for example:

today i’m tired
but i think after coffee
i’ll feel better
but maybe it just needs some sugar
the way my heart does
so terribly lonly
is it onely me?

I mean come on, is that poetry? Or is it just terrible prose? Not that I’m the beacon of excellent writing or anything, but please! Put a little effort into your shite before you put it online, thou poets. I wish Safari had a way to filter out things that annoy the living crap out of me.

I read a really great, really moving book the other day. It’s called “Blankets” and it’s written and illustrated by Craig Thompson. You can visit his official site here. “Blankets” is basically his graphic novel/autobiography. Really great drawings, emotional depth, a great tragic love story, as well as insightful stories from his childhood. I found a lot of in the book I could relate to, but maybe that’s just a sign of good writing.

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Anonymous said...

oh? just who is this mysterious 'who really cares'? are they from sweden? are they similar to or different then 'special guests' or 'TBA'?

and just what are they 'post' to and what are they most likely going to be described as by one of rolling stone's earnest critics? look now: you've gone and intrigued me....

btw- IMO- FYI- 'blankets' is a sweet book. and mr thompson is a sweet heart. if all people would just read his book they would have less time to kill each other. that would be progress.

Jay said...

I almost chocked to death on a blue M&M when I read that brilliant piece of poetry. There are maybe 3 people in the world (I think 2 of them are already dead) who can legitimately write poetry, and chances are, the average bloggger isn't one of them.

Caramel Monk said...

Query: In line 7 of "Untitled Poem" is the word "onely" aspossed to be pronoonced "Own-lee" or "One-lee?" or "On-uh-lee." Just curious.