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Friday, February 25, 2005

I've been sick!

Ok, truth be told, I’ve been sick for a week. See the photographic evidence over on the sidebar. Believe me, I’m not normally so terribly, um, terrible looking. And honestly, it’s been a pretty busy week at school, and at work, where I’ve had to stop by more than my normal 2 days/4 hours each. Some lousy crumbum at the office decided it was more important for him to sand his floors than to come in to actually work on Friday, so all week long guess what we’ve been playing? Catch up. That’s right. I have to go in tomorrow, (on a Friday!) (the first day of my weekend!) and do some paperwork. Can you believe it! I have to do my charla de español, then go in and shuffle some pages around. I find it helps to seem busy if I make complaining noises throughout my time there, like “Oh, man, this Johnson account is just SO strenuous. I better spend a few more days trying to get this one straight.” Or, “Man, can you believe those guys from sales! They're unbelievable! And it’s not just them! Steve from accounting wanted me to make him a demo comp stat, so I gotta push all my pink folders and m/o’s into the second tier! How I’m ever going to get all those v/o’s into Access is quite beyond my programming!” and then we all chuckle because I made a li’l Star Wars reference.

One thing I’ve been enjoying lately is saying that something sounds “appealing”. For example, today before lunch with Mr. P., it went a little something like this:

Him: What do you want for lunch?
Me: Well, a sandwich sounds… appealing! Ha!
Him: (stone-faced) That’s not a pun, nor is it a joke. If you said an orange sounding appealing, then it would be funny. But you didn’t, and now you’re not funny.
Me: Bullcrap! I’m totally hilarious.

Why does this suddenly seem hysterical to me? I don’t know, it just is. If you analyze anything, then it becomes unfunny. And yes, a sandwich still does sound appealing. The conversation continued:

Him: I’m going to Wendy’s.
Me: What? I ain’t going to no Wendy’s!
Him: I have to make a trip to Home Depot, afterward.
Me: Whatever! I ain’t going to no freakin’ Wendy’s!

So, I ended up going to Wendy’s. I really just wanted a Frosty, because of the unbearable heat wave we’ve been having, and Frostys are only $1. Then I drank it with a spoon, while drawing my hand in my sketchbook.

In blogging news, check out the “My delicious links” over on the side, and it’ll take you to a page that shows all the different sites I visit regularly. Also, to find out what music I’ve listened to lately, check out “My Audioscrobbler Page” or whatever it’s called.

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Jay said...

You've been amazingly busy for a sick person. I'm not sick at all, and the most I've done in the last 3 days is, um, well, maybe that last sentence. It's all that comes to mind.