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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Just a quick note to plug my own music. For those of you who live in Portland, "The Four Pounds", my jazz-type group with Jamin, Luke, and J. McLain is playing at Costellos tonight. Info about the venue can be found by clicking on the headline "Jazz" above. Adios.


Hot Sexy Chicks said...

Dat show whas da bomb, I mean: yo!


The 3 Julies

jonny ragel said...

that's funny. I didn't notice three hot sexxy chicks at the show. just kidding. ha. yes. the show was good. [p] and bro and co rocked it. good beer. good folks. ahhhh- out on the town with the laptop set. hey mom, pass the crayons- your daughter's coloring just gave me some lyrical ideas.