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Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Reason for No Real Update Today

My homework assignment is this:

"Deploy the Adorno, Introducing Cultural Studies and other readings as you make global and general comments on / assessments of pop culture."

When I signed up for a Pop Culture class, I thought I'd be studying things like this. What the hell gives, anyway?


Jay said...

Dude, tough break. Better read through the course syllabus next time!

Anonymous said...

Tired much? Why'd you stay up all night saturday smokin' doobies? Shit, negro! The party was wack 'til yo busted out a FATTY spliff!

jonny ragel said...

spice girls 101: in this class we will utilize our pop assessment skills to determine the inherent social relationships created by image exposure and life in a post village people world.

Anonymous said...

yo, I hear ya. there's a huge disjunct tween the subject and the (dis)course 'round it - but, hey, am right now reading about adorno by way of a blog and about blogs by way of adorno (though where's adorno? you didn't invite him to the party!!) signed, the prof