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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Rest of the 100 Things about M.

33. She sings the words “Hell yeah!” hilariously, in the style of that awful band Creed.
34. She totally rocks
35. She puts up with my crap
36. She doesn’t put up with my crap for very long.
37. She can take it.
38. She can dish it out.
39. She has, at one time in our lives, called our dog “Chachi Merengue”
40. She’s probably reading this, right now!
41. She can probably kick my *ss.
42. She is concerned about our house.
43. She is concerned about our city.
44. She is concerned about our nation.
45. She is concerned about our planet.
46. She is much better at math than me.
47. She likes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
48. She prefers Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups.
49. She likes her mother-in-law (!)
50. She has great taste in music.
51. She can be pretty stubborn, and God bless her for that.
52. She knows what she likes, and she sticks with it.
53. She is very sweet.
54. She has real good raspy laugh as well as quick hitting 'hah'.
55. She rarely says negative things about anyone.
56. She taught Beth the thong dance.
57. She’s dead sexy.
58. She is absolutely hysterically funny, first thing in the morning.
59. She claims to not be a “morning person”.
60. She does hilarious impressions.
61. She lets me be myself.
62. She also lets me do just about anything I want.
63. She’s pretty tall.
64. She’s still shorter than me.
65. She smells good.
66. She has gone fishing way more than I ever have.
67. She might not be proud of #66.
68. She was very mature (seemingly), even at the tender age of 20.
69. That is to say, she knows when and how to act like an adult.
70. She is a sucker for festive drinks from Starbucks.
71. She laughs at my jokes, out of pity, after I have to explain them to her.
72. She likes her Corona’s with a lime.
73. She likes her Hefeweizen with a lemon.
74. She likes to go on bike rides.
75. She likes to go on epic walking adventures with Lola.
76. She fell in love with the drummer.
77. She is sympathetic.
78. She is pretty insightful.
79. She’s pretty spontaneous.
80. She likes to plan ahead, using the calendar and whatnot.
81. She will sometimes plan, like, a day in advance, what she’s going to wear to a party.
82. She owns a pair of pink jeans.
83. She owns white go-go boots.
84. She owns a pair of green jeans.
85. God only knows (literally) how many pairs of shoes I have.
86. After reading #85, she’ll probably say something like, “I don’t have nearly as many shoes as ____.”
87. She begged me not to cut my hair, claiming that I wouldn’t like it, and neither would she.
88. She now likes my shorter hair, and I do not. Savor the irony.
89. She likes kitty cats.
90. She prefers dogs.
91. She might think this post is too: long/boring/wistful/sappy/romantic for words.
92. She works hard.
93. She plays hard.
94. Whatever, she’ll do what she wants!
95. She is a total firecracker.
96. Old people make her weepy.
97. To her, old age begins at 30.
98. She might tell you that #97 is a lie.
99. She might be right about saying #97 is a lie.
100. She loves me, and I love her.


Jay said...

Geez, I think we could all fall in love with her :)

Moz said...

Thanks babe

BonikaStJames said...

Oh my god, that is the (sniff sniff) sweetest, most romantic (sniff sniff) thing I've ever read.

102. She has a hella tight dance to Caroline she made up with Bonnie.
103. She can make anything sound funny.