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Monday, March 14, 2005

New Music! Hell Yeah!

Finally! I got some new music over the weekend, including:
1. Spoon: Gimme Fiction - pretty good, although Britt's voice wears on me after about 5 songs
2. Decemberists: Human Behavior - the Bjork song. From an apparently local tribute to Bjork album from iTunes. Does anyone else find his voice good, but sometimes just a li'l toooo much of an affectation? I mean, how British can one's voice get?
3. Stars: Set Yourself on Fire - so far, so good. Apparently, they're on off-shoot of Broken Social Scene.
4. Paul Simon: 64-93 Boxed Set - good ol' rhymin' Simon. Nice songs, pleasant voice. Why isn't there a Paul Simon tribute album with modern cardigan-wearing indie-folksters on it? Belle & Sebastian, I'm looking at you.
5. The Secret Machines: No here is Nowhere - the obvious/idiotic album title notwithstanding I kind of like this modern hippy shite. Excellent drum sounds especially. And they opened for Interpol last fall, even though we arrived after their set.
6. I also bought a "mix" cd from a popular coffee chain whose name we dare not speak. And it's actually a pretty good mix. Joseph Arthur covers the Smiths, so that's a guaranteed winner, and Rufus W. doing "My Funny Valentine". Ok, fine, it was bought at Starbucks, and I'll make you a copy if you ask nicely.


Feaverish said...

It's nice to see your tastes are improving. Keep up the good work!

Jay said...

Do you always buy music en masse? I can never do it, I have to do one CD at a time so I don't have to be disloyal to the others by choosing one to listen to first.

Feaverish said...

Yes, Sloopy, tell us why you buy so much music at once...

Sloop said...

The truth is that I don't usually buy music, I just borrow it from friends. Friends with iTunes. That makes it very easy to get new music, without paying an arm and a leg and more at ye olde music shoppe.

david geffen said...

meanwhile us professionals in the industry are starving. I had to eat at red lobster last night for god's sakes. and all thanks to little criminals like you. thanks alot, asswhipe!

/david geffen