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Monday, March 28, 2005

U2 keeps taking my money...

Ok, this is my third try at posting this. The first 2 times, I had really hilarious links associated with key words, but now I'm just so pissed off and frustrated that this is all you get.

The funniest quote from U2 regarding their new tour: 'The tour set
list will definitely be about half of the new album. We're not about
cabaret or greatest hits. People are expecting the new songs because
they are on the radio and at the top of the charts.'   I can find 5
things wrong with this statement.  U2 is all about greatest hits.
That's why they sell 2 separate greatest hits cds.  I would give $100
to see them play a concert where they don't play "One".  I mean, it's
a fine song and all, but come on - BORING!!!  It's not what I want to
hear at a concert in 2005.  Same with "Where the Streets have really
long names".  I get bored just writing the name of the song.  That
song has had regular radio airplay for 18 years now.  Isn't anyone
else tired of it?  Anyway, they are supposedly rehearsing "An Cat Dubh
/ Into the Heart", "Zoo Station", and "40", so any of those will be
totally killer to see live.

 U2, your songs on the last album, terrible. With you the force is strong... old Rockers. Seeing the
setlist from the rehearsals today brings warm feelings to my heart.

Anyway, my tickets should arrive today.  I think if I put a telescope
in front of my binoculars, I'll be able to make out the shape of the
stage from my $50 seats.  Damn you, unwavering fandom!


Rusty said...

I'll see you at the concert. Section 330, row J.

And I wish they had a concert where it was just One for an hour and a half. It's really that good.

Jay said...

Actually, all 3 are posted, one right after the other, links intact. You don't seem to have noticed yet, or I suspect some of them would have been deleted.

U2, fuckers that they are, had originally only one Canadian date, despite the fact that they were rehearsing the tour in good old Vancouver. Then, our Prime Minister called up Bono himself to ask for a date here in Ottawa (it sounds weird, but our PM and Bono have met several times now because of our country's AIDS work and debt-relief, and we all know how Bono martyrs himself for his causes). Anyway, long story still pretty damn long (sorry about this), we did get the date. Local radio stations renamed themselves Paul FM in PM's honour. More Canadian dates added. U2 fans ecstatic, many hoping that some old hits will be played because know what? We've never heard them live before because although bands are ever so grateful to take our money for CDs, they don't reward us with tours all that often.

jonny ragel said...

we have heard from sources (ok- sloop told me last night) that U2 is playing 'gloria'. yee haw. keep the oldies comin', big boys.