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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Get to know me

Borrowed from Almost 30, another Portlander's blog.

Snuck out of the house
– Only out of Lonny's house. And Paul's house. And Aaron's house. All in junior high.

Gotten lost in your city
- Never really "lost" lost. Just a little turned-around.

Seen a shooting star
– Every summer. And a couple months ago, I saw that meteor crash.

Been to any other countries besides the United States
– Unfortunately, no. Hopefully soon.

Had a serious surgery
– No.

Gone out in public in your pajamas – Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?

Kissed a stranger – No.

Hugged a stranger
– I don't think so...

Been in a fist fight – Fight? No. Gotten beat up? Yes. Numerous times. Thanks, big brother.

Been arrested
– Never.

Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose – Yes, it's something I've been practicing.

Pushed all the buttons on an elevator
– Totally. It's great fun.

Swore at your parents – Not to their faces.

Been in love – Currently.

Been close to love
– Who can say? What is love anyway?

Been to a casino – Never.

Been skydiving
- No, it's a complete waste of money and time. I have no sympathy for people who get in skydiving accidents.

– Regularly when I worked at summer camp. Every Sunday night, we had The BBC - Bare Butt Club.

Skipped school – Yeah, classes, not whole actual days, though.

Seen a therapist - Of course. Best money spent ever.

Done the splits - No, I'm a man.

Played spin the bottle
– Yeah, but everybody was too shy to do any make-outs.

Gotten stitches – Yeah, about an inch of them on my forehead. Thanks again, big brother.

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour – Never. I’d rather die.

Bitten someone
– Yes, out of love, not anger.

Been to Niagara Falls – No. It's a bunch of water right? Naboo has much more life-like waterfalls.

Gotten the chicken pox
– Yeah, when I was like 6 or 7.

Kissed a member of the opposite sex – Regularly, beginning at age 17.

Crashed into a friend's car
– No, unless by “into a friend’s car” you mean “into a brick wall, 3 days after getting your driver’s license”, in which case the answer is yes.

Been to Japan
– No, nor have I been to France. And I never seen the queen in her damned undies, either.

Ridden in a taxi – No, a gentleman doesn’t ride in taxis; a gentleman is sober.

Been dumped
– A few times. Thanks, Kyla L. and Kathie M.

Shoplifted – No, but me and Paul and Angel thought it was funny to pretend to steal candy, and that got us kicked out of at least one, but maybe 2 quickee marts.

Been fired
– No, a gentleman doesn’t get fired.

Had a crush on someone of the same sex
– I suppose so. Isn’t everyone part gay at one time or another.

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
– The story of my life. “Mom, Dad – I really like you guys” “Shut up boy! Go to your room! Remember what we told you about having emotions!”

Gone on a blind date
– Once, but it was a double date. We were set up by some mutual friends. We saw “Air Force One” at the old Eastgate Theater.

Lied to a friend
– When people say, “How’s it going?”, I always say, “Pretty good”, when the truthful answer is more like “I’m depressed for no reason, so I won’t tell you.”

Had a crush on a teacher – The substitute we had in electrical shop my sophomore year. The room was electric! With crushes!

Celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
– I’d rather die.

Been to Europe - Not yet. I believe I already covered this in another question. This feels a bit impersonal. Whose asking these questions, anyway?

Slept with a co-worker – Well, I did some temp work at my wife’s old job, so technically yes.

Been married – Once.

Gotten divorced - Never and I don't plan on it.

Had children – No, that’s scientifically impossible, since I was born with boy-bits, not girl-bits.

Seen someone die – Not at the moment of her death, no.

Had a close friend die – A close friend from high school died last fall in Iraq, but we had totally lost touch with other.

Been to Africa
– I’d rather die.

Driven over 400 miles in one day – San Diego to Portland, shortly after 9/11. Got ticketed for going 97 in a 65. I tried to explain that the cruise control wouldn’t work for speeds over 100, but it didn’t help.

Been on a plane – Yes, it’s terrifying.

Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
– I’d rather die.

Thrown up in a bar – No, that’s so passé.

Purposely set a part of myself on fire – Not quite, but I did the old “lighter with a can of Aqua Net spraying into it” flamethrower routine. This was also at summer camp.

Eaten Sushi – A couple times. Eh.

Been skiing/snowboarding
– Again, I’d rather die. Although M has a cousin who's husband teaches EXTREME sports. And the cousin is no couch potato.

Met someone in person from the internet – No.

Lost a child
- Never accidently.

Gone to college – I was just there today, in fact!

Graduated college
– Well, I got an Ass. Degree, now I’m attempting to get my BA Degree.

Fired a gun – No, man. This is 2005. Who uses guns anymore?

Purposely hurt yourself
– Absolutely. Regularly, during The Great Depression, aka 1997-1998.

Taken painkillers – Yeah, but not prescription kind, though.


jonny ragel said...

very nice. I was wondering when you were going to mention naboo.

Ladylullaby said...

i love surveys! :D

"Been to Africa – I’d rather die"


BonikaStJames said...

Nice. Rather die? Really? Interesting.