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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm tired of being cynical.

Well, there it is. I am tired of being sarcastic too, or rather I've kind of realized that it's much easier to be cynical and flippant than to really reason something out and give serious answers for things. For example, somebody recently asked me why I like Star Wars so much. I couldn't think of any reason beyond just nostalgia and mourning my lost childhood. But I didn't want to say something that sentimental.

I've spent a lot of time on this blog talking trash about things (Dubai, Montana, that one guy's website, all 50 United States). Gentle readers, please don't take me too seriously when I put down something. I spend very little time thinking about this stuff and much much much more time after the fact (in person with some of you) trying to defend my half-hearted position against that thing.

So please, take my word for it. The next time I say something like "Jeremy Enigk squandered his gift" or "I'd rather die than listen to the Foo Fighters/live in Montana/visit Dubai/go see the flavor-of-the-month foreign film" just try to remember that I am just one lonesome cowboy in the big city, spouting his mouth off. My opinion about most things doesn't matter, right? I have my opinions, but I am pretty easily swayed by my friends. If you're not my friend, don't bother trying to argue your position against me; I won't listen.

Anyway, to sum up, Jeremy Enigk squandered his gift.


Anonymous said...

ohmyguy I totally saw the Foo Fighters live in Montana!

Jay said...

Poor Jeremy. That's rough.

I am the queen of fickle. You should try it too (well, not the queen part). That way you can just flip flop your way through life.

Gretaseacat said...

who is jeremy enigk?

jonny ragel said...

I like jeremy. I do wish he would put out more solo material though. he's sweet. but not prolific.