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Friday, June 10, 2005

A day in the life of my dog, Lola

Arrrrrrrrrrg!! Hungry! Must kill visitors!! ARrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Where's that Yoshi bastard so I can step on his head?! ARRRRRRRRRRRRR! MMMMM! This floor tastes delicious! Yummy, this ladies shoe is like some fine cheese! ARRRRRRRRroo roo roo! It's the friggin mailman! That bastard keeps coming back! ARR ARR ARR!! Ok, I've got to concentrate, think of something peaceful. Think of something square. It's a square. My brain hurts. Must lay down. Too overwhelmed with brainery. Aroooooooooo.
(lays down)
(someone comes in the door)
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRG!! Must kill friends of Sloop and Moz!!!

And repeat. All day long. Forever.

So, different dogs for different... needs.


BonikaStJames said...

No no no, you are WAY off. She more like: I'm hungry... where is Bonnie? The people are all right. Yoshi is annoying... but hey! Where's Bonnie?

Jessica said...

I can see Lola do'n all of that! Funny!