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Friday, June 03, 2005

Finally see it right

I have a little story that I like to call "How I Passed Spanish 203 without really Trying". It's a super long-but-true story that I lived today.

In order to graduate from Portland State University, you have to show that you can comprehend a foreign lingiddy (Spanish in my case) at a certain level. I can show this by either taking 2 years of Spanish classes, or by taking a certain 90 question Scantron test. I've already taken a year of Spanish and I guarantee you, I don't like it. So I'm signed up for a condensed bunch of courses for the summer term which would essentially give me 9 months of Spanish classes in 9 weeks. I'm not looking forward to that one bit, so I found out about this equivalency test only yesterdee, so you bet I had to pull up my boot straps, buckle down and figure out how to speak Spanish in a hurry.

Today, I went down to school, up to the office where they supposedly administer the test. There's a crazy lady with a Starbucks cup, frizzy hair, and a sweater is standing in the doorway, virtually blocking any traffic. But I go up to the front desk, undaunted. This ignorant mouthy chick from my film class is sitting at the desk. She doesn't know that we share a film class, or if she does, she makes no sign of recognition. Whatever. She is looking around the room, disdainfully and totally bored and irritated. She finally looks up at me. I give her a smile and begin to speak:

Me: I'm here to take the Spanish equival-
Her: Yeah. (looks at the clock) It starts in nnnnnn...... 9 minutes.
Me: Nine minutes, eh? Exactly nine? It's-
Her: (looking around the room, bored by this ignorant boy pestering her)
If you'll wait in the hall, we'll tell you when it's ti-
Me: Gotcha. (I turn leave to wait in the hall)

So, after 9ish minutes (that felt like infinity) some other lady finally came out and led a group of us who had been waiting down the hall to a room and she administered the tests. Not just for Spanish but also for French, German and Latin. The crazy lady with the sweater was in front of me, taking the German test, but she kept eyeing me suspiciously and shifting around so that I couldn't peek over her shoulder.

The point, if there is one, is that on my actual packet of questions, some kind souls had indicated the correct answers on about 90% of the questions. Isn't that awesome? Good thing, too, because I sure don't comprehend Spanish that well. Hopefully, the test administrator doesn't read this blog and bust me.

ATTENTION PSU STAFF: If you are reading this, then I am a 45ish year old woman with a gray and black afro, a mauve sweater, and a crazy look in my eye. I was sitting the third seat from the back left, and I smelled like cats and mothballs.

I'll find out next Monday or Tuesday if I passed. Here's hoping for "buena suerte"! (Spanish for "good sweaters!")

Secondly, this guy is right on the money.


Flyingwaitress said...

1) Good luck on the Spanish thing..Amigo

2) That guy is right & I'm guilty & He's super may not have noticed that last part.

3) Most importantly - I have to admit I was so out of it last night, I didn't realize it was my phone alarm ringing wildly at 4am - I really thought someone was calling on the home phone, and was worried it was important...not worried enough however to actually answer it...and when I did...and found it was my purse ringing...I wanted to crawl out of the house in shame...which I did at around 7:45 was the Duck Fart's fault...All that to say - SORRY DON'T KICK ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Sloop said...

Seriously - don't worry about the phone. These things happen. It's ok for you to live at the house you pay rent at, you know?

BonikaStJames said...

Funny - they should drop you off at the souther mexican boarder and if you make it back in 3 days then you pass.

PS. that dude is funny

jonny ragel said...

you're a genious. that was a great story. I hope it's true.

Gretaseacat said...

so i can't wait to know if you passed the test!
and i'm real sad about Jeremy Enigk and his squandering. but that was a real nice picture of him.
i just like to say real

Jay said...

I just love these required second languages. Almost no one who speaks a second language actually speaks a second language.