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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Good Shepard

Last weekend, Moz and I had the pleasure of attending a sweet little play over on Belmont with our dear friends Mr. and Mrs. Kazu Googoo. The play was called A Lie of the Mind and it was really good. Basically, everyone goes or stays crazy. And I don't just mean in the play. Think about it. I've never really gone to a small theatrical production before, but I totally dug it. My past experience with "The Theater" was seeing some olde timey shite by Bill E. Shakespeare at the cavernous halls downtown. (Did I mention that I used to work at a summer camp with a direct descendent of Mr.'Speare? Tis true.) I also took a "Drama as Lit" class back at PCC many a fortnight ago. Anyhow, it was good to see some real life acting, up close and personal. One comment about the play: there was a "brief" mixup and I saw a few plot "holes" when somebody's hospital gown nearly fell off. Zoinks! Interested parties can buy tickets and learn more here.

Yesterday, the phone rang and Lola ran to the back door and barked, hoping to see who had rung our back porch door bell. Man is she dumb! No matter how many times I tell her, she just can't get it through her thick head that she will never ever ever have a visitor, ever. But if she ever does, I'll have to get one of these.


BonikaStJames said...

Where to start. First, I love Bill S and he isn't to be confused with my other love Poe. Second, I come over to visit Lola. Third, theater rocks. If that nude sketch night thing ever stops working for strip clubs they could do "accidentally nude monologue" night.

Cellar Door

kazuhank said...
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kazuhank said...

that minor 'flap' threw me too. at first i thought that i should avert my eyes, then i realized that if the actor was committed enough to leave her robe up over her head, she was pretty good. so i kept watching. plus i figured i had paid my money and might as well get a show.

Tessa said...

I actually got to see a boob in a play once....... At first I was shock but then I happily applaud at the end of it!!! Shockingly Exciting I guess!