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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Modern Rock

So, this morning, my alarm woke me up to the sound of Grover singing some rock song. After a minute, I figured out it was actually the latest Foo Fighters song. And, as much as I was ready to hate it, the new Coldplay album is very pretty and nice. It's not going to change rock history or anything, but it's very decent and listenable, much like their last one.


jonny ragel said...

I knew grover would start getting more respect someday. remember when the foo fighters came out and they were compared to the beatles by 'the rocket'? ha. they're a pez dispenser kicking out sugary tasty disposable jams. bad mustache to boot. but I can't hate them. in fact- I sort of like them. I said sort of.

Erik said...

the cover of X&Y is pretty. kudos to the designer.

so if grover = foo fighters
then does kermit the frog = everclear?

Sloop said...

Actually, Kermit sounds more like Bob Dylan circa "Nashville Skyline", to my ears.