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Monday, June 06, 2005

My test results

You completed 84 questions on the Spanish GSFL test of which 30 were
correct. Your formula score was 12, unfortunately you need a score of
33 to pass the test. You are welcome to take the test again on the
first Friday in July, the 1st.


Feaverish said...

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that they count wrong answers against you, so don't answer unless you know you're right. My bad.

Sloop said...

Yeah, they told us that when we took the test. Still though, 30 out of 84! That's el terible! Yuck. Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing cliched and all that.

BonikaStJames said...

I say it's karma for cheating. Besides, think of how much cooler you'll be for actually KNOWING Spanish.

t-rickard said...

Lo siento Pedro. Pienso que debas continuar en espanol para que pudiéramos hablar español. ¿Tal vez aprobarás el examen próximo? ¡Espero que sí!

Sloop said...

¡Espero que sí, también!

And truth be told, I didn't cheat cheat on it, I just used the marks on the page to confirm the answers that I suspected.

jonny ragel said...

maybe crime doesn't pay afterall. I'm with bonnie. it would be cooler if you actually knew spanish. I'd kill to understand mexican television.