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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Book Baton

From Feaverish

Number of Books on the Shelf
I don't know. Maybe 100 or 200. I got rid of most of them about a year and a half ago. I used to have many many books, but I went through a monkish phase, getting rid of many books, cds, and clothes.

Last Book Purchased
Prossibly the Thrawn Trilogy of Star Wars books by Timothy Zahn. It's the story of what happens after Return of the Jedi. So what if I'm a geek? I've never been a sci-fi fan (of books, that is), but I caught Episode 3 fever and had to find out what happened after the 2nd Death Star got all blowed up.

Book Reading Right Now
"Dark Force Rising" (see above), and "Elliott Smith and the Big Nothing" by Benjamin Nugent. The Star Wars books get a little boring and I wanted some inspiration for my music career, so I'm taking equal doses of Han Solo and Elliott Smith.

Last 5 Books Read
1. Straight Man by Richard Russo - funny, good the 2nd time around, too.
2. Independence Day by Richard Ford - existential, funny, sad, thought-provoking totally great in every way. One of the best books ever. Probly my flavorite.
3. Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn - Star Wars tomfoolery
4. Something by either C.S. Lewis or Hemingway, I think. It was a sort of yellowish paperback. It fit nicely in my bag, next to my Spanglish dictionary. Any guesses?
5. I'll have to fill this in later, because I literally cannot remember. The part of my brain that remembers basic things is filled with Spanish phrases, therefore, lately I've had trouble remember simple things like el mes, I mean the month, el dia, my own phone number, paying the electric bill, feeding the dogs, how to spell simple word en ingles. See what I mean?

Passing the torch to:
1. Moz
2. Kazu GooGoo
3. Reesa Rick
4. Bonika
5. Lavalier

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Dirk the Feeble said...

I really don't understand that "passing the torch" thing people are doing now, what's that mean? Also, is this a solicitation for your commenters to answer these questions for themselves? If it is, the last 5 books I read are:

1) X-men #427
2) Highlights for Children, March 1988
3) back of Frankenberry cereal box
4) The Garfield Treasury
5) Your Home CD Cleaning System (And You!)