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Monday, July 04, 2005

How old do I look to you?

A week ago, I was hired to play drums for my brother's church for that day's services. No problem, so I show up way too early just to be good and professional and all that and this geezer comes up to me in the parking lot. I know the guy, he'd sung at the church when a played there 6 months previous. We had met, shaken hands and exchanged pleasantries back then. So he comes up to me and it went like this:

Him: Wow! What are you doing here?!
Me: I'm playing today.
Him: Oh boy! Wow! Talk about a blast from the past!
Me: Yeah, I guess so.
Him: So did you work last night?
Me: No; I did homework.
Him: Homework? What kind of homework?
Me: Well, I go to PSU, so I'm taking Spanish right now.
Him: PSU huh? That's kind of different.
Me: Yeah, I'm a graphic design major.
Him: Wow! Well, it's sure great to see you again! Whatcha got there? (pointing to my little case) A monitor?
Me: No, that's my kick drum pedal.
Him: Kick drum? Well, I always remembered you as being a bass player! You're playing drums now.
Me: Yeah, I've always played drums. My brother plays bass here. My dad plays bass, too.
Him: (stunned silence)
Me: Yeah, so I'm playing drums here today.
Him: You know what? I thought you were your dad! Oh. Ok, so your not Ted?
Me: No. I'm Peter.
Him: Oh, ok. (walks away).

I swear to God, there's no exaggeration in this story. My dad, young as he looks, is in his 50s. On the other hand, I am 27, roughly half his age, and this ignoramus thought I was him. Sigh.


Gretaseacat said...

so sorry, but that is too funny! you do look more like your dad than your brother. maybe he hasn't seen your dad in 20 years?

BonikaStJames said...

That is pretty funny... I have to agree.

I think what you need is more piercings and tattoos... wait, that is of course only if your dad hasn't got that covered.

reese said...

Incredible. That guy––being your dad's age and everything––probably just needs to get himself some glasses. I haven't seen your dad in something like 6 or 7 years, but I remember him having long hair. You, on the other hand, have a young and hip haircut.

MJAPA said...

If it makes you feel any better I had a guy here trying to pay for his ad the other day and he asks me, "How old are you?" I say 30. He takes a long look at me and says, "Yeah, you look 30, I can see that."
I found this highly annoying especially coming from this particular person!

From what I can tell of the photos on here you don't look 50. That person probably just needs glasses.