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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The magic of childhood

Top 5 Childhood Memories

1. When my parents would let me out of the basement at night, and I'd get a glimpse of the wonders of electricity.

2. My 13th birthday, when they finally gave me a lighter to cook my daily slab of meat with.

3. That day when the cat o'nine tails was in the shop.

4. When my parents replaced their VW Bug with a station wagon. Not that being strapped to the roof was that bad, but I lost more than one toe to frostbite on those icy mountain passes.

5. When I saw that movie "All Dogs Go to Heaven", I realized my parents had lied to me about Sparky's afterlife. 8th circle of hell, my ass.

Next up:
1. The Pieman
2. Sex in OC
3. Flying Waitress
4. Feaverish
5. Michelle Auer


jonny ragel said...

toes are ugly anyways. "worst body part everrrrr."

Dirk the Feeble said...

I wish my parents had been as dedicated as yours, but alas they could never quite lay off the crack pipe.

Erik said...

nice. any post that mentions that "dogs" movie, the words "sparky" and "ass" is a winner in my book.

MJAPA said...

My therapist promised I would not have to talk about my childhood anymore.

I'll play, but maybe later, I gots to finish the last Dead Like Me episode! ;-)

Ladylullaby said...

toes arent ugly! they're cute johnny :P

hey hey.. fellow drummer here (: dude, kick ass pictures! I love your sidebar!

BonikaStJames said...

Did you parents keep J in the attic or did they just like him better?

Na said...

Well, you were lucky, at least you didn't have fight with five other siblings for a sliver of a bean to eat. Have you seen my size....