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Monday, July 04, 2005

Moving on...

A certain relative was at my house recently, looking at some of my art projects. I showed them my series of close-ups of my wife's face. Here's what happened:

Her: Oh these are good!
Me: Thanks. I got an A on this project. I'm pretty proud of them.
Her: Are they all of Jonny?
Me: Um...
Her: It's Jonny right?
Me: No, it's Moz.
Her: What?! They look like a boy.
Me: Oh. Thanks.

So that's always nice too.


Moz said...

I knew I should have shaved that beard off before you drew those pictures

BonikaStJames said...

You look like your dad and Moz looks like Johnny... Well, I guess there's worse things.

Don't take it too hard Peaty. They are great pics.

Na said...

Hey, as an art critic myself, just kidding I'm not, but for what it is worth they were great and you did get an A on it.

jonny ragel said...

I must be hot!

(was that ok to say?)

Erik said...

relative: oh hey, this is good!
davinci: thanks. i'm pretty proud of it.
relative: is it king james IV of scotland?
davinci: um...
relative: no, i meant pope pius III?
davinci: no, it's mona lisa, the wife of francesco del giocondo.
relative: who? what? well, it looks like a boy.
davinci: oh, thanks.