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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rock Star

Currently watching "Rock Star", the American Idol meets INXS tv show on CBS. Jesus help us; what a bunch of jackinannys these singers are.

This summer has been much busier than I expected, which leaves me very little time to update ye olde blogue. Here's what's been happening:
1. My mom had thyroid cancer.
2. My mom surgery for the cancer yesterday. It was successful, and she's now recuperating.
3. My brother turned 30 yesterday.
4. My band's been recording some demos. Download and listen to them here.
5. My band's been rehearsing a bunch for our upcoming debut. That makes us debutantes, right?
6. I've been going to school and doing homework for 6 hours a day. ¡Hay carumba!
7. Those goddamned bombings in London. What can I say?
8. Frida Sorce, wife of Mike Sorce from the Don & Mike Show, died in a head-on collision last Saturday.
9. My church is having a cd release concert/service/thingy this Sunday, the cds (which I played all the drums on) will be available next week.

Whew! That's what's been on my mind: music, sickness, death, and Spanish. Not necessarily in that order.

This just in: I said to my wife, "Do you have to watch local news? It's lies." She said to me: "You're lies."


jonny ragel said...

'you're lies'. ahahahahah. that is so classicly moz.

glad mama is on the mend.

missed the rock * show. curious. but not too interested.

and people who kill other people suck.

Gretaseacat said...

i'm so glad you're mom is okay. i saw her on last thursay for a minute, but i didn't even know that she was sick!

Erik said...

rock* looks awful.

1-2. yay, mom!
3. hap b's to the bro
4. heard them. good recordings.
5. you are not debutantes, unless...
6. ai-eeee!
7. horrific and tragic. wtf.
8. i'm sorry about that.
9. you bet yer sweet bippies.

Jessica said...

glad to hear your Mom is doing better now!

ocg said...

Your mom has been in my thoughts and prayers...

Tell your bro I said Happy B day.

Excellent music.

Anonymous said...

i think she's the wife of don, not mike. and her name is spelled "Freda".

Sloop said...

Actually, at The Don and Mike Show, the their names are Mike O'Meara and Don Geronimo. However the name "Don Geronimo" is what we in the biz call a "stage name" or "professional name", it was given to him by one of his bosses way back when. Don Geronimo's name in real life (i.e. when he's not on the air) is Mike Sorce. He has talked about this many times on the air. As far as the spelling of his late wife's name, you are probably right. Good sleuthing Encyclopedia Brown.