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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ye olde drum set

Ye olde drum set, originally uploaded by Sloop.

So the band (L Mix R) played last Friday, along with Jaycob Van Auken and Junior Private Detective and Galactic. Ok, so Galactic was playing upstairs at the Crystal Ballroom and we were downstairs in Lola's Room, but we all had a bunch of fun and enjoyed watching the McMenamin's employees take Galactic's fish & chips to their dressing room and enjoyed a funny herbal smell that wafted out of their dressing room a little later. I watched Stanton Moore (or maybe just his awesome drum tech) soundcheck his drums.

The afterparty totally rocked and Prince's "Sexy MF" brought everyone to the dance floor.

Total unexpected overnight guests: 1
Total cars retrieved the next day: 1
Total buckets barfed in: 1
Total dogs at the party: 3
Total beverages consumed: ~100
Total pissed off neighbors: ??? (none that speak English)
Total helluva good times: one

On Saturday, I went with Kazu Googoo out to Hood River to pick up his newest bass gear purchase. On the way home, we stopped by a place called Charburger Country, or something. It's one of those restaurants that's probably been there for 50 years and the menu's been exactly the same the whole time. They have a bunch of old tacky crap on the walls and a "gift" store surrounding the cash register. How many restaurants nowadays have gift stores with frisbees, yo-yos and novelty pens with the restaurants name and address on them? Not enough, if you ask me. When I'm trying to think of where to go for dinner, I usually grab the nearest crappy frisbee or pen that ran dry the second time I used it and then mapquest whatever address I find on it. I mean, who doesn't do that, right?

After lunch, knowing but not caring that he had someplace to be right away, I casually suggested stopping by the music gear mega-mart, as they were having a huge sale. I happened to notice that the had the drum-set of my dreams, stacked up in the corner. I thought about it a little, tapped on it a little, then I bought the crap out of it and the best cases for it that money (or credit, to be precise) could buy. So now I have my old drum set for sale.

The business: I have a Pearl Masters Studio Series Birch 5 piece drum set, with bags, for sale. I'd like to get $1200, OBO. Interesting trades considered, i.e. scooters, Jeeps, etc.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Leeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to get ready!

Guitar!, originally uploaded by Sloop.

Here I am, Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was a helluva day. I woke up a good 20 minutes before my alarm, at 6:40. I showered, got dressed up in my "stage clothes", then realized I had about an hour and a half before Ben was supposed to come over to carpool with me. So I made pancakes and coffee and listened to NPR. Ben & I then went to Esther Short park in The Couve and played music with The Fellowship of the Thom, the worship music gig that we do with JJ, Hurricane, K-Tina, and J.Tho. Downtown Vancouver has changed a lot... since the 1870s, but in about 1960, it looks like the city development came to a standstill, which is actually kind of nice. It feels completely different from Portland. We set up our stuff, then got some Starbucks, then waited around, then sound-checked for a very long time, then finally played the 10 tunes that we came to play. We played next to a farmer's market type situation, so after we played, Mo and I got Pad Thai at the little "Teriyaki Explosion" stand. The gig was done, we all got the "check's in the mail" routine, so we shagged ass back to Montavilla.

We had about a half hour or so and then Johnny showed up and it was time to load up for L Mix R's show for the Burnside Skatepark thing. We got to the gig, set up our crap, then the 10 horse power generator they had crapped out while the DJ was playing. We were playing under the Burnside Bridge, literally, so it smelled like piss and doobers. I mean weed. Weed? Weed?! Ohmigosh! Weed! So we waited around for about 2 hours, while the "organizers" (and I use that term extremely loosely) tried to find a 600 foot extension cord to plug into a warehouse that was a block and a half away. Tim and Mia went to get juice, the rest of us stayed and watched the skateboard action. Beth and Vanessa came and brought us burritos and agua (muchas gracias, amigas), and the band rejoiced, then Mo and both Teresa's showed up and everyone rejoiced. So, we finally played; our faithful group of friends and fans rejoiced, and then we were done. As soon as we finished, ye olde DJs started playing hip-hop again, and the people rejoiced with the clapping of hands. Luckily, it was good hip hop, as far as I could tell. Unluckily, we were packing up our gear right in front of the speakers and it was some freaking loud hip hop. Afterword, I was more deaf from the hip hop than from the live rock.

Then we went to Dot's and I had a bacon & cream cheese hamburger and a big old bottle of Beck's beer which was good and tasted like honey. Then we came home and watched "Made", with Vince Vaughn, Sean "Puffy" Combs, I mean Sean Combs, I mean Puff Daddy, I mean Prince, I mean the Artist, I mean P. Diddy, I mean just plain old Diddy, and Famke Jannsenn. I fell asleep after not too long a time because it had been a freaking long, hot day. As Marisa said, "it feels like we lived 3 different days today".

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All I ever cared about was gleaming the cube, until the night they killed my brother.

So apparently,
my band is supposed to be playing at a fundraiser at the world famous Burnside Skatepark this Saturday. I'm gonna gleam the sh*t out of some cubes. The thing is, I can think of 100 other bands in Portland that skaters would probably like more than us (i.e. we're not rap or punk), so I'm expecting the skater punks to throw old trucks and decks at us, therefore I'm going to wear a helmet, and probably some knee-pads, and maybe even some goggles and protective gloves, just to be safe.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Saturday Night

IMG_3009, originally uploaded by Sloop.

Fun Fact:
You know you've been sitting in one place for too long when a) spiders start to form webs on you and b) you don't really mind.

Tonight, I drank beer and sat on the front porch, people watching, which is neither as depressing nor is it as interesting as it sounds. My neighborhood (shout out to Montavilla!) is pretty tame at night.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Visit Portland! But not if you're ridiculous.

I like Portland; it has a rich, sordid history (Shanghai Tunnels, corrupt government officials; read the book "Portland Confidential" for details). It's still fairly small (1.5 million), but big enough to attract good touring bands and spawn a ton of good local bands like The Dandy Warhols, Menomena, The Helio Sequence, Viva Voce and L Mix R.

Nevertheless, bike lanes aren't always properly marked, hippies abound, and there's a lot of bums. Still, the panhandlers were a lot more aggressive and angry when I lived in Seattle.

We also have movies on rooftops downtown, theater pubs, great music venues, and our monthly First Thursday arts events.

In Portland, we have many good things, but we also have excessive homeless folks, questionable cell phone service, and belligerent bicyclists. What gets me is people who move here and then brag about how much they dislike it so much (see the comments here). Portland's population has grown a lot in the past 10-15 years, mostly due to people moving here from out of state. So, as a native Portlander, I have little tolerance for a Californian who comes here, helps to congest traffic and inflate home prices, and then posts 3 times on a blog about how he doesn't like it here, nor does he like Portlanders.

"The funniest thing about this place (I've been here for two years, from the Bay Area) is the high opinion Portlanders have of their local food and culture. They make me giggle a lot." - Richard B.

Fellow Portlanders, most of us try to support the local arts scene, local economy, local cafes, local restaurants, and local government, and this Californian is criticizing us for it? WTF? And so what if you're from the Bay Area? Is that supposed to be impressive? Based on nothing, I would guess that this is a guy who lives in the suburbs, drives an SUV, and shops nowhere but strip-malls and chain stores. Richard B., if you dislike Portland's local food and culture so much, why don't you giggle yourself back to California? I'm sure none of us Portlanders would mind having one less ridiculous (read: Portland-hating) Californian here.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just when...

Just when I start to feel good about music, I turn on the TV to find a whole team of ass clowns butchering classic songs, in front of an idiotic audience, the unknown members of INXS, and that guy who looks like Satan.

The Bob Dylan Marionette

I was listening to the song "Series of Dreams" today, which sounds like an outtake from Rattle & Hum, but it's actually an 80's treasure from Bob Dylan. When I was a kid, my best friend Isaac's aunt and uncle made and performed with marionettes. Among the many marionettes they made was one in the likeness of Bob Dylan. However, at that age, I was only allowed to listen to "Christian" music by artists like Carman, Petra, Bryan Duncan, The Archers, and worse. So, I became much more familiar with Bob Dylan, the puppet, than Bob Dylan, the musician. As I got older, and found out that not only did Bob Dylan dance without strings, but he also could play guitar, I was very impressed and was an instant fan. And to this day, hearing Bob Dylan makes me nostalgic for my childhood, before all my dreams were crushed.

Fun Fact

When doves are released at big teary-eyed public events, they will fly up to 600 miles and end up at their home. I've tried to teach my last 30 dogs this trick, but with no luck.