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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

All I ever cared about was gleaming the cube, until the night they killed my brother.

So apparently,
my band is supposed to be playing at a fundraiser at the world famous Burnside Skatepark this Saturday. I'm gonna gleam the sh*t out of some cubes. The thing is, I can think of 100 other bands in Portland that skaters would probably like more than us (i.e. we're not rap or punk), so I'm expecting the skater punks to throw old trucks and decks at us, therefore I'm going to wear a helmet, and probably some knee-pads, and maybe even some goggles and protective gloves, just to be safe.

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Tessa said...

Those punk snobs! Its ok they trash just about every band thats not blink182, or Rancid.......Or popular in any way. So I think you guys will be ok.