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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Leeeeeeeeeeet's get ready to get ready!

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Here I am, Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was a helluva day. I woke up a good 20 minutes before my alarm, at 6:40. I showered, got dressed up in my "stage clothes", then realized I had about an hour and a half before Ben was supposed to come over to carpool with me. So I made pancakes and coffee and listened to NPR. Ben & I then went to Esther Short park in The Couve and played music with The Fellowship of the Thom, the worship music gig that we do with JJ, Hurricane, K-Tina, and J.Tho. Downtown Vancouver has changed a lot... since the 1870s, but in about 1960, it looks like the city development came to a standstill, which is actually kind of nice. It feels completely different from Portland. We set up our stuff, then got some Starbucks, then waited around, then sound-checked for a very long time, then finally played the 10 tunes that we came to play. We played next to a farmer's market type situation, so after we played, Mo and I got Pad Thai at the little "Teriyaki Explosion" stand. The gig was done, we all got the "check's in the mail" routine, so we shagged ass back to Montavilla.

We had about a half hour or so and then Johnny showed up and it was time to load up for L Mix R's show for the Burnside Skatepark thing. We got to the gig, set up our crap, then the 10 horse power generator they had crapped out while the DJ was playing. We were playing under the Burnside Bridge, literally, so it smelled like piss and doobers. I mean weed. Weed? Weed?! Ohmigosh! Weed! So we waited around for about 2 hours, while the "organizers" (and I use that term extremely loosely) tried to find a 600 foot extension cord to plug into a warehouse that was a block and a half away. Tim and Mia went to get juice, the rest of us stayed and watched the skateboard action. Beth and Vanessa came and brought us burritos and agua (muchas gracias, amigas), and the band rejoiced, then Mo and both Teresa's showed up and everyone rejoiced. So, we finally played; our faithful group of friends and fans rejoiced, and then we were done. As soon as we finished, ye olde DJs started playing hip-hop again, and the people rejoiced with the clapping of hands. Luckily, it was good hip hop, as far as I could tell. Unluckily, we were packing up our gear right in front of the speakers and it was some freaking loud hip hop. Afterword, I was more deaf from the hip hop than from the live rock.

Then we went to Dot's and I had a bacon & cream cheese hamburger and a big old bottle of Beck's beer which was good and tasted like honey. Then we came home and watched "Made", with Vince Vaughn, Sean "Puffy" Combs, I mean Sean Combs, I mean Puff Daddy, I mean Prince, I mean the Artist, I mean P. Diddy, I mean just plain old Diddy, and Famke Jannsenn. I fell asleep after not too long a time because it had been a freaking long, hot day. As Marisa said, "it feels like we lived 3 different days today".

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BethInPortland said...

I thought that smell was just your BO. It would not be the first time.