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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ye olde drum set

Ye olde drum set, originally uploaded by Sloop.

So the band (L Mix R) played last Friday, along with Jaycob Van Auken and Junior Private Detective and Galactic. Ok, so Galactic was playing upstairs at the Crystal Ballroom and we were downstairs in Lola's Room, but we all had a bunch of fun and enjoyed watching the McMenamin's employees take Galactic's fish & chips to their dressing room and enjoyed a funny herbal smell that wafted out of their dressing room a little later. I watched Stanton Moore (or maybe just his awesome drum tech) soundcheck his drums.

The afterparty totally rocked and Prince's "Sexy MF" brought everyone to the dance floor.

Total unexpected overnight guests: 1
Total cars retrieved the next day: 1
Total buckets barfed in: 1
Total dogs at the party: 3
Total beverages consumed: ~100
Total pissed off neighbors: ??? (none that speak English)
Total helluva good times: one

On Saturday, I went with Kazu Googoo out to Hood River to pick up his newest bass gear purchase. On the way home, we stopped by a place called Charburger Country, or something. It's one of those restaurants that's probably been there for 50 years and the menu's been exactly the same the whole time. They have a bunch of old tacky crap on the walls and a "gift" store surrounding the cash register. How many restaurants nowadays have gift stores with frisbees, yo-yos and novelty pens with the restaurants name and address on them? Not enough, if you ask me. When I'm trying to think of where to go for dinner, I usually grab the nearest crappy frisbee or pen that ran dry the second time I used it and then mapquest whatever address I find on it. I mean, who doesn't do that, right?

After lunch, knowing but not caring that he had someplace to be right away, I casually suggested stopping by the music gear mega-mart, as they were having a huge sale. I happened to notice that the had the drum-set of my dreams, stacked up in the corner. I thought about it a little, tapped on it a little, then I bought the crap out of it and the best cases for it that money (or credit, to be precise) could buy. So now I have my old drum set for sale.

The business: I have a Pearl Masters Studio Series Birch 5 piece drum set, with bags, for sale. I'd like to get $1200, OBO. Interesting trades considered, i.e. scooters, Jeeps, etc.


Moz said...

I can't wait to see Midnight Glass in action, she's hot!

Dirk the Feeble said...

Awesome picture.

Reformed Pope said...

Sloopy Sloop,

It's good to see you're alive.

jonny ragel said...

midnight glass kicks my ass

BonikaStJames said...

I'll give you $5 cash money!