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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back to school

Well, here I am again, one year later, scarred but smarter. Another year of school begins at PSU. Sigh. It recently occured to me that I've been going to college since 1996. With a couple short breaks. Most people, after 9 years of higher learning are called "doctors" or "lawyers" or "professors". Not me; I'm called a "junior". That's right. After all the classes I've taken (usually 3 courses per term), since 1996, all my transferable credits add up to about 120, which makes me a junior, or 3rd year, student. Sigh, again.

One nice thing today: the room my film class was supposed to be in had a sign on the door that said: Room changed to CIN 90. I walked all over that campus about 3 times, for a total of probably 2 miles, by the end of the day. After 15 minutes of wandering the campus, I realized, there is no CIN 90. Then I overheard somebody talking about the 5th Ave Cinema, which they use for some classes, so I went there, and all was made clear. There is a CIN 90, just no CIN building, which couldn't be more confusing for people like me who have only been going there for a year. It's like those exclusive clubs that if you don't know how to find them, they don't want you as a member.

This year should be fun though, because I'm done with all my prerequisites, electives and otherwise unneccessary classes (2 years of Spanish? Gimme a break!), so pretty much every class from here on out is directly related to my major, Graphic Design. So, except for my film classes and my senior "capstone", it's all art, all the time. Hurray! Now I just need to hurry up and master Photoshop and Illustrator, and I'll be on the fast-track to freedom. Rather, I'll be on the high road to high grades. That is to say, I'll be unimpeded by unintelligence. To put it otherwise, I'll be laughing my way to the bank! Yes!


Moz said...

be cool, stay in school

BethInPortland said...

Yeah well you could go to school for 4 years at community college, 2 at a "real" college then 2 more for graduate school. Then you could graduate and think, finally, I can start makin some dough--only to realize you know have to pay freikin $500 a month in student loans (our loan payment combined).

BonikaStJames said...

I didn't realize you were studying to be a GD. Huh, that surprises me.

Caramel Monk said...

Psssh... You get to see your movies in a "Cinema." Fancy that. Those of us in the real world can only watch movies in the movie theater, or, if we have a good enough computer, the internets.