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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Should I feel bad?

Am I the only Netflix subscriber who sent myself an invitation for a free month of Netflix dvds, then created a new email address, then used a different name and different credit card number to sign up for a free month of 3 dvds at a time as "Jon" in addition to my regular 4 dvds at a time? Am I? Who's going to turn down a free month of dvds? Who? Of course I'll cancel when the free month is up, but I think there's no reason not to sign up again with Mo's name, then my brother, then my dog Lola, then my dog Yoshi, then your momma, then who knows? Why, there's virtually no end in sight, as long as I've got a handful of credit card numbers to choose from, right?

Although, who really has time to watch 7 dvds at a time, right? Me. I do. Until next week, when school starts, time is on my side.


BonikaStJames said...

I think there is a special level of hell for people who do this. It's the same place people go who theater jump and burn movies off line.

Kimster said...

While this behavior is shameful in the worst sort of way (right up there with people who always take and never leave a penny in the local 711's "penny dish"). I've experienced first hand something worse. A certain man I live with who shall remain nameless (got you wondering is it my husband or our boarder, don't I) actually took "Columbia House" for 5 DVD for a $.01 by using the dog's name and a diffrent credit card.

Kimster said...

Bonnika, there's nothing wrong with theather jumping, sometimes you didn't get your $12.50's worth the first time.