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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Starbucks - Crap-ass Central or Oh, Libby, you broke my heart

Dear Libby at Starbucks,

When I came into your cafe, you greeted me like we were old friends. I played along and asked how you were. I was feeling good. I even paid for my americano in cash, so that I could give you the change, Libby. I noticed the manager was being harassed by a scary woman trying to return an espresso machine. I watched you prepare the espresso for the drink and so I perused the cd selections while waiting for the drink to finish. After I had memorized the entire tracklistings of both the new Rolling Stones cd and the Jagged Little Pill acoustic album, I realized that you had forgotten about me & my drink. I went and stood at the little pick up counter and made eye contact with you a time or two, while you cleaned out the scone tray and check on paper towel supplies.

Finally, after 2 other customers came in and ordered, you gave me a puzzled look of recognition, like a ghost from the distant past fluttered by. Libby, you saw the 6 minute old espresso shots on the machine and proceeded to add hot water then hand me the cup of old, stagnant, bad espresso. You asked me if I wanted room for cream. "No," I said, "but that shot is very old. Would you mind pulling a new one?" Without saying a word, you turned around and made me a fresh americano. Aren't you normally supposed to apologize for making me wait for so long, and offer me a free drink coupon, Libby? Aren't you?

The point, Libby, is that I'm not an idiot. I've worked at cafes before. I know that Starbucks has (or used to have) a policy of dumping an espresso shot that doesn't get used within a minute (or was it 30 seconds?). Libby, you could have made at least a dozen shots of espresso and dumped them all out because they were bad in the time it took you to make me that old-as-hell americano. In the city of Portland, there are a plethora of coffee shops, and a lot of people here know what a good cup of coffee should taste like. Treating the customer like an ignoramus doesn't behoove you, Libby. If anything, giving me that crap-ass drink just reveals that you care even less about coffee than you do about your customer. For shame! For shame!

I won't ever come back to your cafe on Barbur & Capitol Hwy.


BethInPortland said...

Yes, there is the 30 second rule. Where they really busy? If not, there is not excuse at all. I have to admit, though, on very busy mornings I may have served a few shots that were atleast 31 seconds old.

jonny ragel said...

I'm shocked. a snooty barista? say it aint so.

Caramel Monk said...

Hey Sloop, D'yu want me to get her fired for you?

Jenn said...

Ha, I used to work at that Starbucks on Barbur & Capitol and I can tell you that they are very good about that 30 second rule. There's a reason why Libby no longer works there... The rest of the staff rocks, though, so you should give it a second chance if you happen by there again.

Charles Deemer said...

The staff rocks in my experience.