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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Halloween House of Horror!

It's almost time for Halloween and I've been seriously considering what I should do to honor this most sacred of days (aside from National Boss Day, October 16!). Anway, I think the most disturbing theme I can think of for a party is dubbing my house the "original & true" house. This would entail the entire house being sarcasm and quote-free and no alcohol allowed. Anyone who comes into my deliciously spooky house of horrors would have to speak what's really on their minds and not resort to Big Lebowski or Simpson's quotes. In fact, no pop culture references allowed at all.

This would make the house not only fantastically eerie, but so dreadfully boring that everyone would be scared away within a few minutes. It honestly sounds like a real downer, and I'm not going to say something like, "If sarcasm is a crutch then I walk with pride" because that would be a Steve Taylor song quote, of sorts.

As I'm getting farther along in the planning stages for this spooktacular event, I am terribly sorry to inform you than I am regretfully unable to attend, because this party sounds: a)weak, b) lame, c) boring, d) delightfully horrible


reese said...

So when is this dreadful event? (Ben's crooning "Ay Dio Mio" in the background)

BethInPortland said...

We talked about having a Halloween party at the Helix. Around each corner you would get a Halloween blessing. Around one corner someone would jump out and hug you and say "Jesus loves you brother!" and in another room people would be huddled and when you entered they would grab you and lay hands on you and pray for you--or maybe even wash your feet! You would not be able to leave until you were prayed over enough to get filled with the Holy Spirit.
That would be the scariest Halloween House ever!

Sloop said...

Reese - if we end up having a party, you'll be the first to know. And it would be Oct 28 or 29.
Beth - Sounds truly avoidable.