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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Notes from today's class discussion of "A Clockwork Orange"

- there is a thing called "the masculinity cult" that the TA likes to talk about
- I'm a dude and therefore probably part of "the masculinity cult"
- should I feel guilty for having a dong?
- "Kubrick isn't as divorced from Alex as he'd like to believe" - the TA
- there's no blatant causality for Alex's violence
- senseless violence, like 'Nam
- I'd like some coffee
- Alex is full of rage against "the man", he takes it out on everyone except "the man"
- more bullcrap about "the masculinity cult"
- "Kubrick isn't as divorced from Alex as he'd like to think he is" - the TA, 2 minutes later
- violence as performance art
- what does it all mean?
- I don't know
- even more bullcrap about "the virility cult"
- infantilism - milk, diaper-ish costumes, acting on every impulse, pure id
- id rhymes with squid
- I don't like seafood, nor kalamari
- Dog Day Afternoon, etc.

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