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Thursday, October 13, 2005

That certain feeling

Do you ever get that feeling like all the cashew nut chicken you thought you had for lunch was just an illusion, a bizarre charade, if you will? And that feeling that you pay for 1000 cell phone minutes per month but only use 300? And that you have to take the car through DEQ because the tags expired 4 days ago? And that you dreamt of Krispy Kremes and then when you got to work, there were Krispy Kremes in the break room?

I have that feeling right now.

Also, anyone else going to the free Doug Fir show tonight? It's some band, then a band called Cabinessence and then Scott McCaughey, who you might know from his work with The Minus 5, Wilco, or REM.

And let's not, nay, let's never forget, The Posies next Wednesday at ye olde Doug Fir, for which tickets are only $10. Woot! See you all there.

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