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Thursday, October 20, 2005

When else but Thursday?

So, it seems I'm having my semi-annual period of self-doubt, self-discovery, and self-help. For example:

a) I'm seriously thinking about changing from Graphic Design to an English major
i) why am I in school?
ii) what do I want to do with my time and my life?
iii) thank God my wife has clear goals

b) In my film class today, we watched a scene from "The Deer Hunter" where the guys are all rowdy and drunk in the bar until one guy plays this haunting little song on the piano, then all the guys quiet down and look at each other while the music plays. By the end of the scene, I had tears in my eyes.

c) I've re-discovered the joy of writing poetry. I shall not give you any examples here today.

d) I looked at my senior yearbook yesterday. One of the signatures was from my friend David Weisenberg who died in Iraq; I don't know what to do about that.

e) the band is going well, but seemingly at a crossroads. More on that next week.

Other than that, everything is good. The Posies were indeed awesome last night at the Doug Fir; I was happy with the set list, especially when closed with "you're the beautiful one" - such a gorgeous song. I wasn't able to see the opening bands, as I had my own band practice to attend to. fter the show, my household got a late night dinner at the Doug Fir restaurant which was also spectacularrrrrr.

Shout out to T. Sickels for being on the phone with Earthlink customer "service" for so many fruitless hours last night. I hope Verizon has room for one more cable modem customer, our house's dsl service is getting worse and worse from Earthlink, or as I call them "we don't speak English, please hold".


BethInPortland said...

Oh well then come to poetry night on Saturday November 5th at the Helix. Share some of that poetic nature--or at least sit back and listen to others. We will combine time for writing/discussing poetry and also have open mic time.

Flyingwaitress said...

ah, shucks. It was fun to call earthlink, I always brushing up on my languages. I thought it was nice that you could help support the the working class in India. To bad it may all have to end.

It was fun at the Posies and dinner afterward was fun also. I think the fact that I had 2 doubles within one set helped with the fun factor. So did the rad band and the prawns.