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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

White Trash Haute Cuisine

Wow, who knew that one silly song could get so many comments (see last post). Well done, folks, and bravo.

Ok, I don't know if that headline is entirely accurate, but it doesn't matter. Ever since we moved so close to 82nd Ave, my wife and I have kind of had a double life when it comes to our eating habits. Well, not even really a double life, but more of a mixture of the sacred and the profane foods coming together in one unholy mix of sinfully delicious dinners. Because, you see, we often buy our groceries in a feeding frenzy of gluttony while making promises to go on uber-healthy diets, so we end up with lots of foods and drinks that were never made to be had together. Because of this, we've decided we need to write a cookbook which recounts these meals. Our ideas so far:
- corn dogs and caviar
- Top Ramen and champagne
- hamburger buns and brie
- Kraft macaroni & cheeze with gouda
- wheat thins & prosciutto

That's all I can think of while I'm at work, but you get the idea. Any suggestions? And don't be silly, like Tortellini & Ketchup, I mean actual foods that you've eaten out of necessity.


Erik said...

tuna right out of the can and rye-krisp crackers. a fave of mine.

kazuhank said...

today at school, all i had was top ramen and i had a student who only had a bag of microwave popcorn. needless to say, i ate my first helping of "pop ramen" today (get it pop for popcorn and ramen for the ramen--brilliant). It was good as food necessity goes...

kazuhank said...

BTW Erik, that sounds suspiciously like an Atkins thing--low carb craker and protein...

BethInPortland said...

Hilarious and true! You should see my shopping list. I recently bought leeks. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them--but I bought them. Jon keeps joking "Oh, somebody took a leek in our refrigerator!"