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Monday, November 07, 2005

Halo, Dolly!

The weekend was good and as eventful as I could have hoped for. A certain Mr. J. Thom ran me through the ringer on Saturday. After rehearsing for a good 2ish hours with [former band name], Benjy & I had to speed race out to Beaverton to play with the Fellowship of the Thom for a church named Bethany. We rehearsed for almost an hour, and then played for about 2 hours!! And this is after the whole daylight savings thing, so it was almost like we played for 3 hours!

I used the church's drum set, which sounded ok at first, but the snare drum sounded progressively (digressively?) worse as the night went on. And there was a big note next to the drum set which read something like:

Drummers: You are not to tune these drums. If they need tuning, call the church music director's assistant. Every time you adjust these drums, it makes the little baby Jesus cry. Jesus died for your sins; don't take it for granted. You bastards are lucky we even allow these demonic "rhythm makers" into the house of our Lord. Remember, each turn of the drum key is like hammering the nails into Jesus' coffin. So don't do it!

Other than that, it was a very welcoming place; they invited the band to go out for pizza after we played, but our guitarist Jon Junior "Professional Heartbreaker" had other plans. And then Hurricane was like "Dudes, I'm Audi 5000" and Kristina was like "thank God I've got a babysitter tonight, my kids make me wanna tear off my ear", and Jeremy was all "all of me is more than enough for all of me", and me and Ben were like "we gotta jet! Rhythm section out!"


BonikaStJames said...

Poor Jesus... if he was black he sure gets screwed out of a lot of good rythms by the whities. Oh well, maybe it's better that most of the old foggies think that drums are evil. It probably makes Jesus cry when they play on the one and two.

BonikaStJames said...

Uh... I meant two and four... or is that one and three. I guess that's a case in point. I make Jesus cry with my bad, bad rythm.

reese said...

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