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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


So, tomorrow is the day that we give thanks to our God(s?) for letting us discover this bountiful land (which happened to already have people living here), and giving us the faith, determination, and courage to kill or give diseases to almost everyone who opposed us; such is the legacy of our forefather's manifest density.

In other news, an "alleged" gunman was witnessed shooting a gun at the Tacoma mall the other day. This was the "alleged" gunman who sent warnings to his girlfriend and was then witnessed by a great crowd of witnesses at the mall. Then he was arrested and pleaded not guilty. So my question is, after so many witnesses witness him doing all this insane shooting, why is he referred to as the "suspected" or "accused" or "alleged" gunman? Six people aren't allegedly in the hospital because of him; that's where they are. He is the gunman. He's no less suspected of shooting than I am of writing these words; the people who saw him and the people who ended up in the hospital are the evidence of that, just as these words being read by you, gentle reader, are proof that I wrote this. Why all the semantic pitter patter?

Moving on, um... my train of thought has completely jumped the track. I want pie!



Feaverish said...

Anyone could have written this!

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Sloop said...

Thanks for the spam, ass.

reese said...

The alleged pie eater in your photo is pretty cute. Although I'm not 100% if she is the actual pie eater or not.